MAS is a freelance graphic artist with satisfied clients worldwide. MAS has been designing professionally for over five years, fine art trained for over 15 years, and is very keen on personal service. MAS has been described as a fast learning, self-efficient, ambitious, individual with a passion for remarkable design.

In 2008, right after high school, I intended on being a Fine Artist and went to Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art fully motivated to become that. I met a good colleague of mine there, older than I and established Graphic Designer/ 3D Modeler. He opened my eyes to a profitable, more versatile way of developing my illustrative craft called Graphic Design. I knew what it was but I never knew how I could keep my Fine Art background alive while doing this let alone the possibilities that could arise. That next year, I transferred to Tyler School of Art with a study in Graphic/Interactive Design. One thing led to another, I ended up withdrawing from school due to finances.

This misfortune ended up becoming a blessing due to my “never give up”, “discover another path” attitude. I made it my mission to learn what I would have learned while in school on my own. This led me to gain real-world experience by working with clients all over the world.

I have successfully been a freelance Graphic Artist now for quite some time now and I continue to grow and learn different techniques for different projects. I have worked for footwear designers, apparel companies, musical artists, ad agencies, businessmen & women, family and friends.

I strive to satisfy every one of my clients’ design needs and goals whether it’s marketing a new product or simply gaining more consumer interest in their already established brand. Great design is a powerful tool to help your company grow, so let me show you how.